What is a Salvage Title? Salvage Title Loans Are Available Do You Have Your Title

What is a Salvage TitleImagine sitting on a chair that once had all four legs broken and is now glued back together. That’s similar to drivingĀ  a car with a salvage title. Since the car has been through a major wreck it’s no longer as safe to drive. Sometimes the airbags are missing too. By looking at the appearance of a car sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Insurance adjusters will salvage out a car most of the time. Many people like buying salvage titled cars because they feel they are getting more bang for their buck. You can get a low mileage, late model vehicle for way cheaper than if it had a clean title and nobody knows it’s salvage except for the owner.

Car titles become salvage when the cost to repair a vehicle is more than what the car is worth. Along with buying and selling cars we arrange title loans which generally are used for emergency’s. The interest rates are high but they aren’t like pawns. You get to continue to use your vehicle and if you don’t pay the car gets repossessed.

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