Used Car Dealers in California must disclose & have their customers sign a Used Vehicle History Disclosure, effective 7/1/12. The customer has to be notified if the vehicle has ever been:

  • Used as a Taxi
  • Was a Prior Rental
  • Any Odometer Roll Back
  • Salvage History
  • Prior Livery Use

We provide free history reports for our customers and make sure you are fully aware of anything regarding the vehicle’s history on the report. Are reports generally come from CARFAX. Don’t ever buy a car without checking it’s history report first. The main things to look for are Salvage History, Odometer Roll Back, and TMU.┬áIf you have any questions regarding this contact me.

Cars with Salvage History are usually vehicles that have been severely damaged which have either had the airbags deployed or have suffered severe frame damage. It’s kind of like sitting on a chair that has had all four legs broken before.

TMU is true mileage unknown. There is know way of knowing what the actual mileage is.

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