The Very First Used Car Dealer Community Page Based in California

used car dealer community pageThere is absolutely know used car dealer community page in existence on the internet. I figured It would be a good idea to start a page where used car dealers could get together, and talk about business, and ask questions. Why not? We should all support each other, and do our best to provide good service to out customers. In the reply section of this page, please introduce yourself, and tell me what city you operate

out of. I enough people respond we could possibly get a community going. One thing I want to make perfectly clear is I don’t want to discuss anything illegal on this page. This is a page for support. If you have DMV related registration questions, questions about a problem with a car, Discussion on slow business months, I want to discuss things of this nature.

I realize several used car dealers would be hesitant to give up their secrets, and tricks like where they can find the best cars at the cheapest prices. Don’t feel you have to if you don’t want too. This can also be a place where we can discuss how to improve our customer service skills.

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