The Seller Must Smog Car Always Before Sale by California Law

Seller Must Smog Car in California by Law

Seller Must Smog CarMake sure that if you are buying a car from a private owner that you have them smog the car before you buy it. By law the seller is required to do so. Many times sellers will try to get out of it and try to dodge the request by the buyer. Common examples of this are.

  • The seller says that the vehicle is as/is. They don’t want you to take the car to a mechanic, they don’t want to smog it, hell, you’re lucky if you can get the seller to allow you to test drive it.
  • They say they did it a month ago when they had to renew their registration. The smog the seller is talking about was used to renew the registration on the vehicle. It doesn’t matter, every time a vehicle is sold the seller must smog car, period.

Be weary of cars with expensive catalytic converters. Catalytic converters for Nissan Maxima’s, Altima’s, Sentra’s are dealer only items and they are very expensive. They are attached to the exhaust manifold and cost between $600 to $700 Dollars.

Crystal Meth addicts “Tweakers” are known to steal catalytic converters off of cars and sell them so watch out for neighborhood tweakers. It happens more often on sports car. I’ve seen it happen often on Subaru WRX’s.

It can cost in the thousands sometimes to get a car to pass smog that is why it is so important to get it done before you decide to buy the car. A car will never pass smog with the check engine light on too so that will have to be fixed in order to smog test the car.

After a check engine light has been reset after a repair, the car has to go through a drive cycle in order to reset the monitors in the computer system. Any car pre-2001 can have two incomplete monitors to take the test and any car post-2001 can have one. Some cars have to be driven thirty miles for the monitors to reset others sometimes over 300!

If your car has failed smog there are other alternatives. It just so happens that we here at Good Vibes Auto Sales buy cars that have failed smog.

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