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We do salvage title loans in the great state of New Mexico

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We can provide same day cash title loans. If you are in need of emergency cash sometimes a title loan is a good option.

If you feel confident that you can pay the loan off.

So you get 50% of the appraised value of your vehicle cash and you hand the title over to the lender. They become the lien holder (legal owner) while the borrower is the registered owner similar to financing a car.

The great thing about these salvage title loans is that you get to keep your vehicle while paying the loan off. It’s not like a pawn shop where you have to leave your collateral there. Feel confident that you will not have problems getting to work or using your vehicle for work.

If there is one car that you see a lot of salvage titles on its pretty much anything made by Honda. Lot’s of Salvage Hondas on the market so be careful if you are buying. With Honda there is also a lot of Salvage Acura too, especially Salvage Acura Integras.

We only do salvage title loans on cars, trucks and vans. We can’t do a salvage title loan on a motorcycle, RV, or boat. Not too many title loan companies do title loans on salvage vehicles so if you are interested and live in New Mexico fill out the salvage loan application. We are the number one source for a salvage title loan New Mexico area. We also serve California, South Carolina, Utah, and more.


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