Reset your monitors or you’ll fail the smog test here are some tips

Here are some tips on how to reset your monitors and prepare your car for the smog test after resetting the check engine light. This is only if you are into doing it yourself. Otherwise, a mechanic would fix the car and reset the light but the vehicle would still have to be driven in order to reset the monitors. Once the monitors are rest you are ready for the smog test. If you are in Automotive it’s good idea to have an understanding of the vehicles computer monitors.

reset your monitorsIf you have a check engine light on your vehicle will automatically fail the smog test so don’t bother doing it. Take the vehicle to your mechanic and find out why the check engine light is on. First try resetting the light and drive the vehicle. This will automatically reset your monitors.

See if the light comes back on or is pending. A misfire code can up for a vehicle that hasn’t started in a while.

It doesn’t mean the car has a continuous misfire. You can also generate a check engine light from not screwing the gas cap on tight enough. I like to reset the light and drive the car first. If the same code pops back on again then we know for sure the car has an issue that needs to be fixed.

After the car is fixed the check engine light has to be reset and the car has to go through a drive cycle. If the monitors are not complete you’ll have to continue to drive the vehicle until they are. If you are not sure buy yourself one of those OB2 diagnostic code readers.

You can get them pretty cheap at most Auto Parts Stores and they might come in handy in the future if you ever want to scan your vehicle for a check engine light. Use your code reader to reset a check engine light and check the monitors for smog.

If you don’t want to by the code reader don’t worry you don’t have to. You can just have the smog tech check it for you before the test is conducted. If it’s not ready just keeping driving it until it is. Sometimes it can take forever to reset your monitors. I’ve driven some in the past that took at least 350 Miles. If your vehicle failed smog and it’s going to cost a lot to fix it, consider selling it to us and not have to deal with it.



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