Free Vehicle History Report Comes with Every Car, Truck, or Van

Free Vehicle History Report Comes with Every Car, Truck, or Van

Every car sold at Good Vibes Auto Sales comes with a free vehicle history report. Vehicle history reports can tell you many different things.

Find out how many times a vehicle has been smogged and if it has ever failed.

Lemon Law Buyback  A car with a branded “Lemon” Title is a vehicle that was repurchased by the the manufacturer due to a defect in the vehicle. Some things just can’t be repaired and when you have a vehicle that falls under this category which is under manufacturer warranty it is deemed a Lemon.

Roll Back/Unwind: Vehicle history reports will tell you if there is a mileage discrepancy. Sometimes these mileage discrepancy’s are accidents. However if the mileage reads 180,000 in the year 2010 and then 90,000 in 2012 you should definitely be concerned.

Salvage: A vehicle history report will tell you if a vehicle is salvaged or not. Salvage cars are generally appraised at half the vehicle’s value not salvaged.

Maintenance: sometimes history reports will provide you with service information. This usually only happens if the vehicle is serviced at the dealership.

Prior Rental/Taxi: History reports disclose if the vehicle was ever a rental car, taxi, or dealer loaner.

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